The Premise

It is my first time writing and directing a science fiction short on the future of cognitive intelligence. This idea came to me whilst juggling between my full-time job and personal life. I was curious about how one juggles between their thoughts, actions and emotions.

Since emotions are a form of data or information, it’s important to accurately convey those to people and in a way that they will also accurately perceive. What happens when this data is manipulated based on how we want to portray ourselves, but not how we actually feel?


The Storyline

Jared is the creator of Ego, a cognitive intelligence device. Amanda has agreed to test Jared’s beta version of Ego and has her brain implanted with the neural nanotechnological chip. Amanda later learns that her twin sister, Stella, was murdered. As the story unfolds, we learn of how Ego manipulates Amanda’s emotions to believe she was involved in the heinous crime against her sister.




Color Grading

I heard from a friend in advertising that Da Vinci Resolve is a powerful tool for color grading, so I picked it up and learned more about its node-based system. The user interface is different from Adobe’s, but after picking it up, I found it user-friendly and intuitive. I eventually moved my entire workflow and editing directly into Da Vinci.




CGI in Post Production

HUD elements were all created in Adobe Aftereffects and Cinema 4D. As an interactive designer, it’s interesting to bring over my experience in usability and user testing – understanding the hierarchy of information that’s happening in the visual overload.



As this short film has no dialogue, it is important that the CGI communicate the storyline and time period of the piece. Below is a rendering example of Amanda at her workspace.



The Crew

This film would not have happened if it weren’t for the team. Special thanks to Stefanie Djie (Director of Photography), Sasha K Gordon (Actress), Stacy Skinner (Hair and Make up Artist), and Peter Getz (Audio Engineer) for being part of this journey.