Simulating flight with robotics


buzzerI have a deep fascination with insects and flight. The robotic bee was reconstructed using laser cut wood puzzles, and motors were inserted into its body.


From Input to Output

When the bee is attracted to an object, it begins its flight and its wings start to flutter. This is simulated using the rangefinder and two servo motors. A potentiometer is connected to a keyes buzzer to control the buzzing sound of the bee.

The buzzer triggers the tone melody of Flight of the Bumblebee and the robot starts to take flight.

These are all pieced together using blutack and thumbtacks.






MIDI File to Arduino

I converted a MIDI audio of “Flight of the Bumblebee” into Arduino code. This was done using Green Light Go.






buzzerPotentiometer > Buzzer schematic

Potentiometer •  GND — Analog Pin — 5V

Buzzer •  GND — Digital Pin








Making a Robot Bee

Rangefinder • 5V — Digital Pin1 — Digital Pin2 — GND

Servo Motor 1 • GND — 5V — Digital Pin

Servo Motor 2 • GND — 5V — Digital Pin







beerobot2 servo01 servo02 servo03 servo04 servo06 bee001 bee002 bee003





API + Javascript

The bee was also used as a representation of human population around the world — the concept of swarming, and nestling with constructed hives. This infographic was done with Javascript and NASA API.