Encapsulating the worldwideweb


The Digital Trap

Tim Berners-Lee came to invent the particular design of today’s web. The web as it was introduced was minimalist, in that it assumed just about as little as possible about what a web page would be like.

What was initiated as a simple invention has amplified exponentially to become a technological revolution. The beauty of the web’s architecture is that it is accessible and free — it continues to expand into the infinite realm of information, and the minds of humanity. Our privacy and offline behavior are at threat by our buzzing online activity, as we ambiguously delve into the depths of the internet and upload our lives at the click of our mouse. Societal obsession with the web is on the rise, and this project speculates our dependent relationship with the online paradox, and how we are encapsulated by its dynamic influence on our lives.


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Openframeworks, C++, Arduino, Java