A facial recognition book that traces your identity


The Premise

With the proliferation of social networks and data tracking, the wisdom of computer algorithms and surveillance mobs has been elevated over the locked-in immortality of individuals. Tracking your data with face recognition, this interactive medium invites you to become a real-time protagonist of the story.



The Idea

As you browse through the interactive book for the first time, the camera uses facial recognition to pair your profile with data tracked through search engines. The book draws a back-end algorithm and fills in the blank of the narrative with your name, age, gender, location and birth date. As the story unfolds with each turn of a page, you realize that this is a story about you.



Enabling Technology

Converting Rekognition API data on Processing, two sketches had to be run to first trace the user’s face profile, followed by projecting their data into the narrative plot. Client to Server communication was used on the two processing sketches.





The Final Product

The first web camera tracks the user flipping the book by using nyar4psg markers. The second web camera traces their face and with facial recognition, pulls their data pre-stored and projects it into the book – injecting the user into the narrative plot.


test01 test02


Data-driven Narrative

Each person who interacts with the book has their own unique narrative. The storyline is influenced based on their personal data — what their names are, their age, occupation and location they are based in.

test4 test5

book01 book02 book03 book04 facebook011


Featured in

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