designing defensive objects for the future of protest


Enabling Technology for Modern Warfare

We sought to explore the power dynamic between authority and those that are subject to authority especially in the situation of potential friction and conflict. These objects range in timescale of near future sonic defenses and mid future nanotech and metamaterials.

The intention for exploring this power dynamic between authority and those that are subjected to it is due to rapid technological advances in areas such as soft weapons, autonomous vehicle systems and ubiquitous surveillance. These amongst many other emerging technologies creates a third force in a power dynamic between authority and subject.


Research + Development

The evolution of warfare has reconstituted a variety of different technologies to affect a whole new set of sensorial and experiential categories (Goodman, Sonic Warfare). It is within these new spaces of force that we as a society are not fully present to yet. As these technologies project  force that is imperceptible to the human eye. This quote from Russulo’s Art of Noise sums up the space of imperception, “In modern warfare, mechanical and metallic, the element of sight is almost zero. The sense, the significance and the expressiveness of noise, however are infinite…” It is the noise that signifies the sonic, ultrasonic, infrasonic frequencies, waves, and signals that are now critical components within in the theatre of cybernetic warfare. It is out of concept of “noise” that we sought to build out the parameters for our design in engaging in sonic & spectrum warfare countermeasures in a civilian context.


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Void Tape

Void tape is a discreet gravitational defense tool that incorporates embedded nanotech nodules that recreate themselves as quantum gravitons that are able to bend gravitational laws. Void tape can be used as a pre emptive defense as well as a reactive defensive tool. The main purpose for void tape is to create distance between two forces by the use of the ‘void’. Void tape can be programmed via any controller that is synced with the tape. Once synced you can program specific tape strips to perform gravitational push or pull and specify the amount of gravitational force. Tape can be applied to barriers to add a gravitational push so when an entity comes into close contact with a barrier they get pushed away. It can also be used as a mechanism to aid an escape as you can place tape to have a gravitational pull, potentially slowing whoever walks close to the tape.



Distortion Spray

The best use of distortion spray is in a standoff situation with an aggressor. If two entities are facing each other you want to discharge refraction spray in the direction of the aggressor. Refraction spray does not have to be applied close to target. Refraction spray is a long range defensive mechanism. The reason being is that it plays with distortion and depth perception. Since each spray is randomized the particle composition of the refraction spray may generate a close up or far away distortion. No matter how far or close the aggressor is as long as it is in front of the spray and not behind it it will not be able to visually or computationally gauge how far or near you are to them. This is because the refraction spray distorts and bends light creating the illusion of an unrealized distance from aggressor to defender. 



Sonic Diffuser

Heterogeneous 3D printing techniques allows for printed circuitry and carbon nanotubes to be fabricated simultaneously in a single component. Sonic diffusers should be used from range and pointed toward targets emitting sonic frequencies as weapons. However the diffuser can be used as a defensive shield to protect users by listening and detecting if there are harmful frequencies being emitted. If there are harmful frequencies detected the diffuser will emit an inverse frequency to null the aggressive frequency. A series of diffusers can be used together to create a sonic mesh shield that nulls all incoming harmful sonic frequencies. 


Jammer Sand

Jammer sand is a clandestine spectrum jamming nanotech. Inherently jammer sand are programmable sand grains and then coated with a metamaterial spray in order to augment its network capabilities to produce a resonant signal frequency when deployed in a certain densities producing a meshnet topology. Critical communication is important for any group of individuals. Jammer sand will aid the user in disrupting critical communication infrastructures using any sort of radio or signal telemetry. For optimal effect disperse sand around target creating a closed shape, depending on the perimeter shape and how diffused the sand is you will be able to create frequencies that will resonate stronger or weaker. The definition of a stronger or weaker signal resonance applies to the breadth of the sand distribution.


A Collaboration between Travis Alexander, Lim Si Ping, and Chris Fussner