Moving the world forward


Committing to Boston and its flourishing technology community, Verizon is the anchor tenant in the southern tower of The Hub on Causeway, a mixed-use development located on the city’s waterfront. 


The goal is to provide visitors with a view into Verizon Innovation, by demonstrating how physical design and digital integration can propel an established company into its next chapter — delivering a seamless journey fully curated with connected, distinctive experiences.


The three-story Innovation Center immerses customers and external partners in Verizon’s emerging technologies through a variety of touchpoints. Presented in a series of curated exhibits and experiential moments, guests can explore what Verizon can do for their business, commercial, or academic applications.



Verizon Innovation Center Boston

Verizon Innovation Center Boston


Set the Tone

Welcome Lobby

Visitors are greeted by an interactive, cyber-physical custom LED Display that responds to their movement along the elevator lobby. The welcoming experience is accompanied by an audio soundscape, one that sets the tone of a future-forward experience ahead of their visit.


Verizon Innovation Center Elevator Lobby
Verizon Innovation Center Elevator Lobby

Verizon Innovation Center Elevator Lobby
Verizon Innovation Center Elevator Lobby



Discovery Portals

Modular designed exhibits that invite visitors to explore in depth current innovations and new technologies. These portals are custom built on wheels, that range in multiple sizes to future-proof versatility of content and adaptable reconfiguration in the innovation space.


Verizon Innovation Center Boston Discovery Portal

Verizon Innovation Center Boston Discovery Portal


Begin The Journey

The Exchange

An immersive environment that sets the context about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how Verizon Innovation and capabilities are moving the world forward.


Side view of digital fins in immersion corner

Front view of immersion corner









Hands-on Experience

The Shop

This space highlights how Verizon helps clients embed forward-thinking technology to deliver above and beyond customer expectations—from anywhere, and at anytime.


Scenario 1: Future of Retail Shopping

Scenario 2: Smart Home Living

Verizon Innovation Center Boston Innovation Experience Digital
Verizon Innovation Center Boston Innovation Experience Digital


Beyond Verizon

Community Impact

An interactive experience focused on stories that highlight how Verizon’s global innovation ecosystem is enabling people to do more new and more good.





Team Credits

Agency Gensler
Role Digital Experience Design Lead
Digital Experience Design Adi Marom, John Bricker, Ping Lim, Peter Young, Miyeon Kim, Jeian Jeong
Brand Design Lily Feinberg, Beth Novitsky
Strategy Laura Gralnick, Kate Watson, Hannah Huff
Management Amanda Zaitchik